Day 1 – Sacramento to Boron, CA

Up at 5:30 am. Sure hope this isn’t a normal routine on our Southwest USA adventure! I am not an early riser. But since we have 350 miles to cover today, we wanted to get an early start.  We were out the door by 6:50, slightly past our 6:30 expected departure. Simon, the guard cat, knew something was up and hide behind the sofa hoping we would forget him…but to no avail. Ralph plucked him up and out to the Motorhome he went. We put his cage in the back bedroom and left the door open.  This is the only time he goes in his cage voluntarily. Cage usually means Vet, so we were a little surprised he headed straight to the cage to hide. His first trip to the litter box was amusing…he doesn’t have his “sea legs” yet…also a little surprising since cats are supposed to be good on their feet. Peeing completed and back to the cage.  Sure hope the little guy survives this trip.
We will spend the night in Boron, Ca and then another 350 miles to Williams, AZ where we will stay for four nights.  While in Willaims we will visit the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff and Sedona. The Grand Canyon and Sedona have been on my must-see list for many, many years.
We will spend one night at the Arabian RV Oasis in Boron. It’s only $12 a night with the Passport America half price discount ($24). Arabian Oasis brings to mind all sorts of exotic things.  We will see… The 20 Mule Team Borax Museum will probably be closed by the time we arrive.  Bummer!
Driving south on Hwy 5 through California’s Central  Valley (fruit and vegatable bowl) is a site for hungry eyes. Spring has brought with it lush, green fields of plants and orchards for mile after mile after mile. It’s one of the many things I love about living here.
Speaking of food…I think I’ll make some lunch!
I’m back…we arrived in Boron at 2:30 pm and I must say that 350 miles went really fast!  Ralph ended up driving the entire time with one short half hour rest stop for lunch.  It’s goes very fast when you can have all the confort breaks you want, can read, play with one ithing or another and get a few snacks, all without stopping or having to say “I have to pee again”. 
I know what the oasis part is for at the Arabian Oasis RV Park…there are trees and this is an oasis in the desert.  It has full hook ups (for those unfamilar with the RV lingo that means electricity, water and sewer. And the Oasis has an added bonus!  Basic cable TV.) 
We passed a few local sites on the way.  The airplane graveyard (a lot of large jets parked in the desert waiting for…?  I don’t know what), the Borax factory, Edwards Airforce Base (where the space shuttles sometimes land),  and a lot of sand and sagebrush.  Not really a place you want to stay for long. 
I have great AT&T and Verizon signals, however, photos are not loading very well.  I’ll get to photos later.
We will be leaving early in the morning for the next leg of our trip: Boron to Williams, Arizona.
P.S. Yes…I’m listening to the 50 Shades of Gray audio book.  Had to see what all the fuss was about.
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One thought on “Day 1 – Sacramento to Boron, CA

  1. Rocket

    So how did you like all the wind? Thankfully when we rolled out this morning from Mojave it was coming out of the west. We are at Peggy Sue’s diner. A real 50’s diner having breakfast. See ya tomorrow in Williams.
    John and Jan

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