Day 2 Boron, CA to Williams, AZ

Left at 7:40 am this morning, got gas and headed down the long, somewhat hilly Hwy 40 to Williams. Hwy 40 replaced Route 66. Ralph is doing all the driving thus far. And he must be feeling really comfortable…he’s driving 60 to 70 MPH. Yesterday it was 55 to 60. Ralph wanted me to add that the 70 MPH was downhill so we had enough momentum to get up the next hill. The high speed sucks for gas mileage, but gets us there faster. Even at that, the trucks on the highway passed us like we were standing still.

We needed fuel and in California (where prices are much higher than Arizona) we got 35 gallons, enough to get us to Kingman, Arizona where fuel was 80 cents a gallon cheaper.  That adds up when you have a 75 gallon fuel tank and average 7.75 miles per gallon.  Ok…I heard that gasp. 

Simple Simon (thanks CJ for the new name) found a new hiding place today. Unlike at home where he can hide under the bed, sofas, and chairs, in the MH he can only get under the driver and passenger seats. After we stopped for gas, I looked for him and couldn’t find him anywhere: not in his cage, not under the front seats, no where…and I panicked. I thought maybe he slipped out the door either at the camp ground or at the gas station. The only place I couldn’t check was under the vanity/desk in the bedroom because the slide out was blocking that space. We’d have to pull over and stop so I could move the bedroom slide out and check. And there he was…hiding in a very small space under the vanity. Yesterday I had my briefcase in that spot, but today it was out on the bed and that 8 inches was available for a cat to hide. I was so relieved! If I had lost that cat it would have ruined my entire trip. Ralph says “He’s too afraid to venture out the door”. He’s probably right.

 The Sleeping Arrangements

Our home away from home has a Queen bed. We sleep on a King at home, so it’s a little cozy now with the three (yes, three) of us in bed. When we woke up this morning Ralph said, “We are going to have to make other sleeping arrangements” and I said, “Whatever do you mean?”. Evidently when Ralph woke up in the middle of the night he was on the very edge of the bed and Simon and I were spooning taking up three quarters of the bed. I gave him permission to wake us up and tell us to move over. I don’t know what the heck is going on while I’m sleeping!

 Speaking of the bed…

When we purchased the MH they gave us a new mattress.

The Princess and the Pea...that's me

The Princess and the Pea…that’s me

Now I’ve heard that MH mattresses are notoriously lousy and right they are! I think the problem is more that the mattress is on a plywood platform and it feels like you are sleeping on a board. The platform does lift up with a ton of storage underneath. That’s where we stow all our motorcycle gear so I’m really glad that space is available. I knew I had to get a memory foam topper if I was going to get any sleep, which I did AND it had a feather topper in addition to the foam. One weekend at Lake Comanche sleeping on that bed and I knew I had to get more foam on top. So I purchased another two inch memory foam mattress topper and now it’s just right! It’s a little high and the fitted sheets don’t really fit…but I’m sleeping like a baby. My friend is now calling me the “Princess and the Pea”.  Ralph also admits that this camping in a motorhome is a lot easier and more comfortable than his tent camping while on his motorcycle trips and he could “get used to this! “

Ralph drove the entire time today and fought 20-30 MPH winds and as we were nearing Williams I said, “I need a nap!” He laughed and said, “Rough day, reading, listening to music and dozing?” He’s doing a fantastic job managing this beast (and baby beast behind us). What a man I have!

Pretty decent dinner tonight: Steak and lobster with a nice Cupcake Chardonnay. Guess who had the steak and who had the lobster? Ha! Ha!

We couldn’t grill outside because it was too windy so we pulled out the ol’ camping staple the induction burner. Ralph fried up the steaks in a frying pan. That brought back memories of my Grandpa making dinner for Dale and I after school and frying steaks in an iron skillet. I cut up the lobster tail and sautéed it with butter. Yummy…great camping food, don’t cha know? We made a run to Costco before we left and stocked up on food. That’s where the lobster tails are from and I have to say they were delicious. Our freezer is stocked and so is the Coleman cooler. Ralph did research and we have dry ice in the Coleman with meats, etc for the next several days. The dry ice is doing a great job of keeping things frozen.

Another lesson learned today. We used the showers at the campground and while I was in there a woman came in and was knocking on all the shower stall doors. She knocked on mine and asked if anyone was in there. She then apologized and told me she always checks all the stalls to see who is in there before letting her husband leave for his shower. She said, “You never know…someone could be lurking that shouldn’t be”. I never thought of that. Am I too trusting, naïve, or just not thinking? I think I will add that to my personal policy manual.

 Another day roughing it, smoothly. (I have to give credit where credit is due…that’s the Tiffin slogan on our spare tire cover. Certainly fits!)


 P.S.  Still cannot get photos to load.  Maybe it’s my MIFI.  I’ll have to research further.

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4 thoughts on “Day 2 Boron, CA to Williams, AZ

  1. Deb Smith

    I’m enjoying your “adventures”. Look forward to the updates! Keep on “Truckin'”. (I HAD to say that!) lol.

  2. Haven’t heard that for awhile!

  3. Bill Lockwood

    Where’s the pics?
    You guys can’t live my dream without getten me my pictures.
    Anyway, good to here all is well


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