Day 3 Williams, AZ

It’s 50 freakin’ degrees in the MH this morning! The elevation is around 6800 feet here. In Sacramento the elevation is around 200 feet. What a difference 6600 feet make! In spite of the temperature, we three were snug as bugs in a rug under the down comforter in bed. (reference Day 2 post under sleeping arrangements.) Thank goodness the little furnace in works great. Within about 15 minutes the temperature was up to a balmy 63. Well…it felt balmy compared to 50.

Our friends John and Jan are joining us here in Williams today. They rode here on John’s motorcycle and took three days. We’ll have a couple days together and they will move on down the road as they only have 10 days to travel. We will be travelling for 30-45 days.

It was a quiet day just hanging at the campground. Ralph wanted to watch the Red Wings and relax. John and Jan pulled in around noon and came over for lunch. They are staying at a bed and breakfast in downtown Williams. They joined use for dinner and we played a couple rounds of 31.

Tomorrow we’re going to Sedona and spend the day riding, hiking, eating and drinking…not necessarily in that order. I’ve wanted to see Sedona for many years. We are going to visit the vortex area and see if I can get some of my energy back!


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