Day 7 Albuquerque to Pilar, NM

We travelled north from Albuquerque on the Turquoise Trail up to a BLM campground at Pilar AZ. We are on the Rio Grande River about 16 miles south of Taos. We will ride into Taos tomorrow and hang out.

We covered about 100 miles of scenic road in about three hours. That’s our shortest driving day. We will be here seven days in this campground with only nine sites. We have 50 amp electricity (we can run both air conditioners if necessary) and water which is very rare for a BLM campground. You cannot make reservations for this campground: first come, first served so we came up a day early to make sure we were able to get a spot. And its a good thing we did because the spots were all taken by 4:00 because of the Memorial Day weekend coming up. Its exactly what we envisioned for our camping, not the RV parking lots we’ve been in thus far. Now we will get to relax a little and tour this beautiful area on the bike. No packing up every day or few days, which is more work than I envisioned.

Our AT&T cell phones don’t work at all here. We will have to make calls when we go into Taos. My Verizon Hotspot has two bars and is very slow, but its working a little (which is more than I can say for us).

Got the ribs on the barbe, the Boneshakers on the boombox, the Captain and diet on my side table, a soft breeze blowing, temperature in the high 70s and living the dream. Oh yeah and Ralph’s feeling groovy.


Rochelle and Ralph

Our camping site at Pilar, NM

Our camping site at Pilar, NM

Canyon view

Canyon view

This is how we roll.

This is how we roll.



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4 thoughts on “Day 7 Albuquerque to Pilar, NM

  1. Jesse

    Looks like you guy’s are having a blast. Chyerl and I loved our 5 week trip in the M/H and wish we could have joined you two, but other things got in the way, maybe next year. Have fun and drive safe.

  2. LuAnne

    Hey Rochelle! Sounds like a great trip! Enjoying your blog!

    • Hey Luanne. We are having a great time. Went to a bike rally in Red River, NM today. Beautiful country.
      How’s the flying going? Want to meet us for lunch in Taos on Monday? 🙂

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