Day 10 Still in Pilar, New Mexico

Ahhhh…a day of doing not much of anything. Vacationing is exhausting! I slept in until 9:30 and then had a relaxing day of hanging at the campsite.

We took a hike along a ridge above the Rio Grande River and stopped by the campground down from us. We noticed the Campground Host had Michigan plates on his vehicles. He was outside so we asked him where he’s from. Kalamazoo! He left seven years ago and has been traveling from place to place. He’s been the host here at Rio Bravo for the last three years, full time. He must really love it here!

The ground is VERY dry here, but we did manage to see a few cactus flowers. It’s also a surprise to see them amongst the dryness. It was a pleasant hike and got us off our butts for a change. We’ve been riding the bicycles a little too.

Soooo dry!

Soooo dry!

Flowering cactus

Flowering cactus

This was our first time camping at a BLM campground and the hosts Pat and Caroline from Texas, made it a wonderful experience. They are here for five months and in exchange for hosting (and cleaning the facilities) they get a free site. I’m telling you those bathrooms and vault toilets were so clean you could eat off them. They were also very helpful in recommending places to go and routes to take. They certainly set the bar high and I hope other BLM sites are just as nice.

I’ve written about the poor connectivity in the campground. But that wasn’t going to stop Ralph from listening to the Red Wings. I have a Verizon Hotspot with an external antenna that Ralph connected to the top of the back ladder. So this puts the antennae at roof height. With it there we get at most two bars. Ralph thought that if it was higher we could get a better signal and he could listen to the game on SiriusXM radio via the internet. So he took the window cleaning extension handle and attached the external antenna to the top of the handle and attached the handle to the top of the ladder. Now the antenna is 5 feet higher. Unfortunately it didn’t help much. Once in a while it shows three bars, but mostly just two. He called SiriusXM to renew his subscription (he has satellite radio on the motorcycle) and added internet listening. He was able to listen to most of the game before the Hotspot went dead.

Now that’s a fan!!!

Going to get that Red Wings game whatever it takes!

Going to get that Red Wings game whatever it takes!

We’re going to take a ride tomorrow and see more of the area and then leave our happy little home here at Orilla Verde (we’ve been here seven days) and head to Pueblo, Colorado. We are only 44 miles from the Colorado boarder.


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2 thoughts on “Day 10 Still in Pilar, New Mexico

  1. Debbie

    Have fun in Colorado! Spent 6 weeks traveling around. Are you going to be near black canyon of the gunnisen? We talked about it when u were in Mexico. Love reading your blogs! XO

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