Day 13 Pueblo (Dust Bowl), Colorado

Dust Bowl in the 1930s

Dust Bowl in the 1930s

We’re trapped like rats in this rectangular, well-appointed box today. The winds today are a consistent 35 MPH with gusts up to 61 MPH and we cannot even go out the door. I recently watched Ken Burns’ “The Dust Bowl” about the mid-west in “dirty thirties”. They said that some women committed suicide because they were so frustrated by the dirt in everything: house, clothes, food, mouth and nose. The flour-like dust is blowing in every crack and leaving a mess inside. Ok, it’s not exactly like the photo, but it gives me a tiny idea of what it was like. I’m not suicidal…yet! The winds are rocking the rig and it is really noisy. We did have one total brown out and I thought the rig was going over. Ralph assures me that it won’t tip over 22,000 pounds, but I know he’s lied to me before (for my own good, of course). Ha! Ha!

This was on the table next to the window.

This was on the table next to the window.

We need to do laundry and cannot walk the block over to the facilities. We had plans to go out and do some things in Pueblo today but, that’s not happening either. We wouldn’t dare get on the M/C with these winds. It’s times like these that a car would really come in handy. So here we are vacuuming, snacking, vacuuming, watching what little TV we get here, vacuuming, napping, vacuuming, blogging…

If you don’t hear from us soon, check Lake Pueblo for a 33 foot Allegro.

Finally was able to venture outside at 8:00 pm to do the laundry. says the winds will only be around 10 MPH tomorrow. I sure hope that’s true.


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