Day 14 Pueblo Royal Gorge Loop

We are still camping at Pueblo State Park. We will be leaving for Colorado Springs tomorrow. It’s only 51 miles from here. It will be a very short driving day tomorrow.

What a great day of riding it was today. The ride took us through some of the nicest scenery we’ve ridden in. We started out riding through rolling hills and farmland. Soon we were in an area where we had pine forrest on one side and canyon cliffs on the other. After about 30 minutes of this, the snow capped Rocky Mountains came into view. We were able to enjoy the Rockies for the next 60 miles. The view was amazing with the contrast of the very green fields and forrest that led right up to the gray rocky mountains. The road we were on took us to Highway 50. Yep, same one as back in Sacramento. Well, kind of…this Highway 50 was much more scenic. The Arkansas River ran along side the road for as long as we rode on the highway. On the other side of the road was the canyon wall. We were kidding each other about being one of the Wild Hogs as their adventure took them along highway 50 in this exact area.

Beautiful view

Beautiful view

We decided to take a side trip to The Royal Gorge. As is becoming usual, we went down a back road which wasn’t well paved for about 4 miles. We left the Royal George down the nicely paved front entrance.

The Royal Gorge (also Grand Canyon of the Arkansas) is a canyon on the Arkansas River near Cañon City, Colorado. With a width of 50 feet (15 m) at its base and a few hundred feet at its top, and a depth of 1,250 feet (380 m) in places, the 10-mile-long canyon is a narrow, steep gorge through the granite of Fremont Peak. It is one of the deepest canyons in Colorado.

In 1929 Cañon City authorized the building of the Royal Gorge Bridge, which at 955 feet (291 m) above the river held the record of highest bridge in the world from 1929 to 2003. The bridge forms the kernel of Royal Gorge Park, a theme park owned and run by the city.

We rode the M/C over the bridge and also walked across. If you don’t like heights, this is not the place for you.

Riding on the bridge

IMG_2670 Riding on the bridge


A look down into the canyon

A look down into the canyon

View from the side

View from the side

The ride back to camp was less exciting, but still nice traveling through rolling farmland. Well, less exciting if you don’t count the shortcut back to the state park. The sign said “Pueblo State Park” with an arrow and everything. So we figured we go that way. Well, the pavement ended about 1/4 mile later but we didn’t believe it for about another 1/2 mile. Turning the bike around on a gravel road that is on about a 20 degree slant and only 8 feet wide is not really pleasant a thing. We succeeded and made it back to camp. The weather today was very nice. It was in the 60’s and sunny up in the mountains and with our heated gear turned on it was perfect. Out of the mountains it was in the mid 70’s and little if any wind for a change.


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