Day 19 Leadville, Independence Pass, Aspen, CO

After breakfast today we rolled out the bike for some scenic riding down the Rocky Mountain Skyway Scenic Hwy. It was only in the high 60’s when we left Gypsum, but sunny. We found the road we wanted to ride and soon it started to climb. About 20 miles later we stopped so we could put on the heated gear along with our rain jackets as the temp had dropped and it started to sprinkle. The light rain didn’t dampen the enjoyment or keep us from seeing more of the great beauty this area has to offer. The sprinkles didnt last very long and soon we were in a town called Leadville, a silver mining town, but is now not much more than a halfway point to getting over Independance Pass on the way to Aspen. The scenery along the way was spectacular with forest and lakes in the foreground and the snow-caped peaks of the Rockies in the background. We began the ride up and over Independence pass on some easy grades that soon turned steeper. We arrived at the top (about 12000 feet) for a great view of the canyons. We had to walk on a snow covered path in order to get to the viewing area for taking pictures. The temp up here must have been right about 32 degrees because it began to lightly snow. The bike doesn’t do well in snow so we headed down the mountain.


An hour later we were in Aspen. We found a place to park pretty easily because Aspen has a small area at most corners for free motorcycle parking. We asked a local person about a place to get some lunch and she suggested a place called Peaches Cafe. It was a good suggestion because their menu caused Rochelle to stress ( maybe not the right word) over what to eat because she liked everything. For me it was easy, all meat pizza was the ticket. We enjoyed the food and then took a stroll around the town. Aspen is a beautiful small town with a history of silver mining. We visited a landmark hotel, the Jerome Hotel that was built in the 1800’s. We got a drink and a history lesson from our bartender.

p://”> The Jerome Hotel



After a few hours we headed back to camp. The weather was now sunny with temps in the 70’s so no rain or heated gear was necessary. Before we left, I stopped in at the Sheriff’s office for info on a road I saw on the map that looked like a scenic shortcut and found out that it was another partly paved road, so we didn’t take it. A quick fill up and off we went. The ride back was nice with little traffic and great scenery through Glen Springs Canyon.”> Glen Canyon

When we go
[/caption]When we got back, we put Simon’s harness on him and took him outside for a little freedom. It took him awhile before he felt brave enough to leave the picnic table and explore the area, but he did it. Then it was left over pork tenderloin for dinner and a little relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Adventure cat and his boy Adventure cat and his boy


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2 thoughts on “Day 19 Leadville, Independence Pass, Aspen, CO

  1. MJEustis

    I picked up Mike one night long ago at the Jerome Hotel! Ah the Jerome! I worked at First National Bank in Aspen and on Fridays we were open late. Yes but we knew how to have fun…on our 30 minute break we’d pop on over to the Jerome for a cocktail, or two, then head on back to work. Talk about casual Fridays! Party inside the Bank!,, thanks for taking me back to those carefree days!

    • Ahhhh the good old days! That is funny…the Jerome. Aspen seems like a nice place to live. What made you leave there?

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