Day 20 Steamboat Springs, CO

We got a late start for our ride up to Steamboat Springs so it was already warm when we left. We took Highway 6 instead of Hwy 70. Hwy 6 must have been the main route before Interstate 70 was built. It was a nicer ride along the river. We took CO 133 for the ride up to Steamboat Springs and again, it was beautiful scenery. No steep grades and very little traffic. Plenty of curves through ranches and hilly farmland. The temp did drop enough to put on a light jacket but was sunny and pleasant. We arrived in Steamboat Springs about 2:00 pm and stopped in Johnny B Goods Diner for lunch. This was a small place on Main Street that had a large selection to choose from. The food was good. Then a stroll down Main Street a little shopping. Rochelle picked up a nice hoodie sweatshirt. We took a different route back with more great scenery and over yet another pass at 9000 feet. This road had some nice long sweepers and curves, I (Ralph) liked that! The weather looked a little threatening at times, but turned out fine. Back at camp before 7:00 pm and packed up for the trip tomorrow to Frutia, just around 100 miles west.


Scenes from our ride…




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2 thoughts on “Day 20 Steamboat Springs, CO

  1. Toni

    Looks and sounds magical!
    Stepson Kingston just bought a motobike and is headed your way!


    • Hi Toni! So good to hear from you. Kingston is in for a real treat. How are you? The “kids” must be all grown up by now.
      Warmest regards to you and big Kingston.

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