Day 32 and 33 South Lake Tahoe and Home!

We made the short (100 mile) drive from Fallon, NV to South Lake Tahoe in a little over two hours. We stayed at Fallen Leaf Lake campground near Emerald Bay. We were able to use Ralph’s national park pass for a 50% discount so it’s only $15 per night. I didn’t even know this lake was here, let alone a campground. We are nestled in the tall pines and its very quiet. The sites are not right on top of each other, however, they are narrow and the pull throughs are at a pretty sharp angle. Ralph tried to back us out with the trailer, but after a little repositioning he was able to pull us out with me and the guy in the next campsite spotting for him. What a guy! Here’s how close it was.

We could barely get the  door open!

We could barely get the door open!

We rode our bicycles over to the Lake and did we get a beautiful surprise! Just look at this beautiful lake.

Just chillin' literally!  It was around 65 degrees

Just chillin’ literally! It was around 65 degrees

I reserved a spot for camping in July when my nieces come out to visit. It’s only a couple of miles to South Lake Tahoe so we will be able to drive there for a little entertainment when the girls are here. The site I reserved is right across from the lake. If its hot in July we’ll be able to go swimming.

There are no hookups at this campground, which means no electricity, water or sewer, so I felt like we were really camping.

View from out campsite

View from our campsite

I wanted to try camp cooking so we made foil packets with potatoes, candied baby carrots, and cod. It took a long time to get everything cut up and prepared in those small foil packets. Ralph built a fire in the fire pit and we put dinner on the grate. Because aluminum is suspected to be a cause of Alzheimer’s, Martha Stewart says to line the foil packet with parchment paper…so I did. All I can say is, “Damn you Martha!”. The parchment paper burnt to a crisp along with our food. Two lessons learned here…no parchment paper and don’t cook it so close to the fire. In hindsight, we should have had the fire in the BBQ, not the fire pit. Anyhow…thank goodness we had hotdogs in the frig. Ralph cooked some dogs over that really hot fire pit called it dinner.

Burning our dinner

Burning our dinner

We left pretty early the next day for the 100 mile drive home. It seemed odd to be heading home. Almost like the whole trip was a dream. The rig did really well. Nothing went wrong the entire trip. We pushed it up and down those mountains many, many times. We drove 2800 miles in the rig and another 2000 on the motorcycle. We left May 16 and returned home June 21.

Thanks for coming along with us on our trip.

Southwest United States…check!

Where to next? Northwest United States

When? Not sure…but it will happen. I’m kinda liking this semi-retirement stage of my life.

Till the next trip…

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4 thoughts on “Day 32 and 33 South Lake Tahoe and Home!

  1. Debbie and Mark

    Congratulations, on a fantastic journey! THANK YOU for your blog and taking us on your trip with you! Hugs

  2. Love Lake Tahoe. It’s been way tooooo long since our last visit. I think a repeat is in order. We’ve never been to Oregon or Washington so looking forward to following your next trip 🙂

    • Hi Ingrid. Thanks for your comment. We just in the preliminary plans for the next adventure. It will be late spring or early fall of next year. We will probably head down to the Tucson, AZ in January.

      I’ll check out your blog too.


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