Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe June 19 – 22, 2014

We returned to Fallen Leaf Lake for the third time; this time with a group of Ralph’s friends (and mine now) for group camping.  Ralph has ridden with them for many years. There were four couples and two singles (Jesse and Cheryl, Ronnie and Diane, Mick and Deb, John, Bill and of course yours truly) in RVs or trailers and two camping in tents. Two more couples had to cancel (Bill and Chris, Stevie Ray and Marianne) and they really missed a great time.  Ralph coordinated the trip starting with getting everyone to reserve the campsites in January.  Fallen Leaf Lake is very popular and fills up immediately when reservations open.  It is a National Forest campground with a beautiful small lake and close enough to walk to Lake Tahoe.  And to top that off, we seniors with National Park passes get to camp there for half-price. 

It was so much fun being able to get morning coffee/chai and walk over to someone’s site to visit.  We spent the time going from site to site visiting, hiking, playing cards, drinking, talking, laughing and sharing stories.  And let me tell you…there are some great stories in this group.  Not the least of which is one man getting shot five times and living to tell about it!

 We hiked a trail (2.6 miles) right from our campground that went through many diverse areas.  This is a great time to be at the higher elevations for several reasons; it’s too bloody hot in Sacramento (upper 90s and 100s), it’s spring in the higher elevations (6500 + feet), the wild flowers are in bloom, and everything is still green.


Our Hike

Our Hike




We rotated sites for the nightly campfire and enjoyed dessert as a group.  We prepared and ate our meals in our own rigs.   Seemed like coordinating meals was too much this first time. We are talking about making it an annual event. Maybe next year we will have a few progressive dinners.  We could also have one couple prepare dinner for the entire group and rotate the responsibility.  Both could be fun and less work for us women folk.

The prize for the biggest campfire goes to Mick.  And some things never change.  The cops showed up…this time the fire cops because the fire was too large.  It sent out a red glow that, evidently, could be seen all around the campground.  And we were sure toasty warm!

NOT the big fire.

NOT the big fire.


We all headed out on Sunday or Monday.  Jesse and Cheryl are headed to Michigan, Ronnie and Diane are headed to Nevada and Oregon, and we are headed south on Hwy 395 to explore the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.  Some of us had to head home and back to work.  L


We had such a wonderful time hanging with friends and enjoying the great Lake Tahoe area and really missed everyone when we all went our separate ways.  I really do hope this becomes and annual (or more frequent) event.


We are traveling this time with Mutt and Jeff; AKA Simon and Fred.  Fred’s our new adoptee.  He’s adopted us!  He’s a young male about 1.5 years.  He is the sweetest cat and absolutely LOVES Ralph.  He is an outdoor cat so we were not sure about bring him with us.  We cannot just let him out at the campgrounds, so he is confined inside.  His name is Freddie the Freeloader.  Some of you will know who Freddie is. Fred is adjusting remarkably well and we like having him with us.  I think Simon likes the company too (even though he acts like the alpha butthead from time to time). They both sit on the steps looking through the screen door longing for the great outdoors.

We're on the inside looking out...

We’re on the inside looking out…


I will have very limited and/or mostly non-existent connectivity on this trip (thanks AT&T) so the blog posts will be sporadic.  Ralph’s Verizon phone is still working in most places. But I will keep the posts coming when I can.

Stay tuned…


PS  Happy Birthday brother Bob!

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8 thoughts on “Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe June 19 – 22, 2014

  1. theresa mcconnell

    Sounds great…Chyann and I loved that place when you took us there : )

  2. Haywire

    Hey you guys! Sounds like fun, but you should be headed our way to OR/WA! Next time for sure. I love hiking and camping. So fun! Been a long time! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Your trip to Fallen Leaf Lake looks lovely. Especially like the hiking and eating portions. Your kitties are adorable. We have two cats as well. They’re so much fun and such characters!

  4. Hi Susan. Yes…the cats add hours of amusement for us.

  5. Bob

    Luv your writing and great photos. Your living the good life and when your joined by friends it’s extra special. Have a good trip and thanks for the birthday wish.

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