Florence, Oregon Sutton National Forest Campground, Sept 23 – 26, 2014

Once again, it was a short journey from Bandon to Florence; only 35 miles. I love traveling for at most one hour and then we have the rest of the day to start looking around our new home. I have been to Florence before when Ralph and I took our motorcycles on that 1500 miles loop of Oregon. We stayed at the Best Western for one night and then moved on. This time we had time to explore the area. Florence is a larger, small town with all the amenities, including a cinema! Florence also has an Old Town to explore. We ate lunch there and purchased some olives and local jam. We also did laundry at a place with WIFI. Score!!! I’m always looking for free WIFI to do class check-ins and post to the blog. Killed two birds with one stone, as they say.

Sutton National Forest Campground even had electric and water and with our senior pass cost $15 per night. And it’s a good thing we had electricity because it rained for nearly two days and at times it rained really hard. The sound of rain pounding on a fiberglass roof that is only 1.5 feet above your head gets very irritating after about an hour. It was drowning out the sound from the TV. During this downpour I walked into the kitchen area and got wet socks! “OMG…this isn’t good”, I said. Thus began the investigation into where the water was coming from. Was it the roof? Was it the frig? Was it the water heater? It was coming in under the dinette seat next to the frig. We mopped it up and set a heater in there to dry the wood. Once the rain stopped the water stopped appearing. We still don’t know where the water came from. This will take some investigation when we return home.

The wind blows consistently and hard on this coast. Which way do you think the wind was blowing here?

Wind is not blowing now

Wind is not blowing now

Of course we visited another light house…the Heceta Head Light House. The light house is 12 miles north of Florence. It stands atop the 1000-foot high Heceta Head and it sends out the strongest beam of light on the coast. We didn’t take the tour. We know the story of all the Oregon Coast light houses fairly well by now and we couldn’t get up into the top light chamber. After all, that’s the most interesting place in the light house. Here the lighthouse keeper’s quarter are a bed and breakfast.


Heceta Head Light House

Heceta Head Light House

I took myself out to lunch one day while Ralph was listening to a game. Again…Yelp to the rescue. I went to a small restaurant aptly named Flavors. It was delicious. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by Flavors. You will not be disappointed.

Some local scenery.




Next stop Yachats and Waldport.

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