Quartzsite, Arizona January 26, 2015

Just us and 150,000 other Rvers in this small desert town, 20 miles east of Blythe, CA.  We’ve been here over a week and were planning to leave today, but the rain moved in.  Hopefully the rain will clean all the desert dust off the rig and Mini. Yesterday was the last day of the big RV show.  Folks are starting to pull out for other destinations and we’re ready to hit the road too!

Diane and Ronnie joined us on our Dome Rock hilltop and its been wonderful having friends here with us.  Ralph has known Ronnie for 13 years through a motorcycle group.  Diane is a wonderful woman, full of  life and a woman after my own heart.  She said, “Let’s sit by the campfire and slam down a couple glasses of wine!”  Oh hell yeah!  I  added Pomatinis (pomegranate martini) and we were off! We’ve had an easy, relaxing time going into the town for the RV show and having lunch in Q.

It's pomatini time!

It’s pomatini time!

There's a storm brewing.

There’s a storm brewing.

We did purchase the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the last day of the show and we installed it yesterday.  After a bit of trouble and a couple calls to Tech Support, we got the thing working.  Now we will have peace of mind knowing that we can monitor what is going on with all ten of our tires.  It measures tire temperature as well as tire pressure.

Ralph hasn’t even set up the satilitte dish for Direct TV.  So it has been evenings of campfires, eating, drinking  and socializing.  Love it! He did work on Ralph’s Solar Plant. I went up to help him and kinda got stuck up there.  It’s scary coming down.  Ralph remained calm and instructed me in the fine art of backing down the ladder from the roof.  Not my favorite thing to do!

Up on the roof messing with Ralph's solar plant

Up on the roof messing with Ralph’s solar plant

We will head south on Hwy 95 to just north of Yuma, AZ to a nice boondocking spot at Mittry Lake in the Imperal Dam area.  I just hope it isn’t too crowded. More on that in the next post.

So on this rainy day we will go into Quartzsite to see the few sites we haven’t seen yet.

We will start with the Tyson Stage Stop Museum to learn about the early days of Quartzsite and its early pioneers.  Quartzsite was a stop on the stage coach route which is now Hwy 10.  Then there is the Hi Jolly Tomb and monument in tribute to a camel driver.  Hi Jolly was imported from the Middle-East along with 70 camels  In 1856 Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis had a novel idea: transporting freight and people across the desert Southwest on camels.  He imported the camels along with Syrian caretaker, Hadji Ali.  The Americans called him Hi Jolly.  But, the civil war intervened and Jefferson Davis changed jobs and without his support the project was abandoned.  The camels were freed to fend for themselves in the desert near Quartzsite.   Hi Jolly remained in the area and lived into his 70s.  The town built a special pyramid tomb for Hi Jolly.  BTW, the camels outlived Jefferson Davis and their last reported sighting was in 1942.

There is also Gunny’s Military Museum; a collection of military memorabilia from all wars and branches.  And of course, let’s not forget the Gum Gallery that houses a collction of gum wrappers and other gum memorabilia from around the world.

We will also stop by the 1,000 year old tree in town. That’s one tuff tree to survive 1,000 years in the desert!

The last stop will be the Reader’s Oasis Bookstore and visit  it’s quirky owner Paul.  Paul Winer has spent a couple of decades wearing nothing but a strategically positioned crocheted sock held on by fishing line. Paul is also an accomplished blues musican.  I didn’t tell Diane and Ronnie about Paul.  It’s going to be a surprise!

Photo courtesy of Roadside America.

Photo courtesy of Roadside America.

So much to see and do in beautiful downtown Quartzsite. LOL!

When the guys get back from grocery shopping in Blythe we will leave for our site seeing tour of Quartzsite on this rainy day.

Guess who is behind those dots of light.

Guess who is behind those dots of light.

Until next time…

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