The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the travels and travails of my current adventure. My partner Ralph and I are traveling via motorhome, pulling a trailer with a motorcycle touring the Southwestern United States. Our trip will take four to six weeks and include Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Southern Utah. We will keep family and friends updated regularly through our blog postings.

You may be wondering where Rocknrollin came from. My nickname for my riding group is Rocky. When I met Ralph online, his name was Rollin (he said it was for rollin the dice). He is a clever and funny guy! So that’s why we are Rocknrollin.

The Alley Cat and Me

The Alley Cat and Me



Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Honey winter

    can’t find the log on site unless this is it. Wish I was there instead of work. Good to finally meet u Rochelle. Love the stories. Love homey

    • Hi
      This is it. You can hit the follow button in the upper left hand corner and you’ll be an email when we have a new post.

  2. CJay

    How often does the “Old Boy” have to wash that thang????

    • Alley Cat hasn’t had a bath since we left and let me tell you, it’s really dirty! You cannot wash these things at RV sites. It will have to wait until we get home. We waxed it before we left so I hope that helps when we go to wash it.

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